About the journal

“P o s t ę p y   N a u k   M e d y c z n y c h (Progress in Medicine)” is a magazine addressed to doctors with various specialisations. The magazine already has its tradition as it has been present on the market since 1989.

The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Jerzy Robert Ładny, MD, PhD. The Honorary Editor-in-Chief is Professor Ryszard Brzozowski, MD, PhD. The Deputies Editor-in-Chief are Łukasz Szarpak, MD, PhD and Marzena Wojewódzka-Żelezniakowicz, MD, PhD.

The Scientific Council consists of 20 professors being recognised experts in domestic and international terms in various fields of medicine, including members of the Polish Academy of Sciences, representing clinical disciplines and basic sciences. Nineteen members of the Scientific Council represent foreign centres (Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Lithuania).