P o s t ę p y   N a u k   M e d y c z n y c h   monthly magazine is a recognised periodical among the manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products. The clients insert advertisements and information on the offered products, which is usually used for didactic and advertising purposes, in the magazine. It is important that due to the scientific profile of the magazine, the number of the contacts and the time of the impact of the advertisements is prolonged since a significant part of the readers collects the archive issues and returns thereto many times.


Advertisement in the paper version

– Press advertisements (1st cover, 2nd cover, 3rd cover, 4th cover, centrefold, 1st column)

– Inserts

– Insets

– Sponsored article

– Reprint

Internet advertisement

– Online Medical Reading-Room – an online set of several thousand specialist articles from our medical magazines –

  • Billboard (750 x 100)
  • Skyscraper (120 x 600)
  • Wide skyscraper (160 x 600)
  • Sponsoring of the electronic issue of 1 medical magazine (company logo and link)

– Biuletyn Telegram – a medical newsletter which reaches over 30 thousand readers.

The newsletter contains information on the updates in the Medical Reading-Room, on publishing novelties of the Publishing House as well as on the medical events, i.e. conferences, congresses, symposiums and courses.

We offer insertion of brief information on your product with or without the graphics (the manner of its preparation – to be discussed).

We also send a special issue of the newsletter once a week – an e-mailing solely for the purposes of one client.